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How to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry

March 7, 2022

With more people looking to enhance their smile there are some great options to consider that will have you smiling again in no time.

Cosmetic dentistry is much more popular these days than it was 20 years ago and with advances in technology and more experts specialising in it, improving your smile is both achievable and affordable, and available locally in the Adelaide Hills at Littlehampton Dental.

How can cosmetic dentistry improve my smile?

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can not only make you feel self-conscious, they can also be difficult to clean which may lead to cavities. While many people associate straightening teeth with your teenage years, crooked teeth can actually be fixed at any age so have a chat with one of our dentists today about your options. 

Broken teeth

Whether you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep, have a troublesome hole in a tooth or have broken a tooth while eating, broken teeth can lead to painful and bigger issues if they aren’t discovered in time. Even going through a stressful time in your life can result in tooth damage as you subconsciously grind your teeth. Talking to one of our dentists at Littlehampton Dental can help you break that pattern. 

Missing teeth

Many people choose cosmetic dentistry because they have lost a tooth and are hoping to avoid the embarrassment of having missing teeth when they smile. There are also practical issues that are created by having a lost tooth which can cause problems with chewing and cleaning. They can even change the shape of your mouth and face over time. 

Discoloured teeth

Usually associated with stains from drinking coffee or smoking, anyone can develop discoloured teeth over time and it may even be due to a health condition. There are many cosmetic dentistry options available for teeth whitening these days so it’s important to discuss the options with an expert so you don’t waste your money on products that may not even benefit you or work properly. 

Loose fitting dentures

Aside from the frustrating and sometimes embarrassing clicking sounds and slipping, loose dentures can also lead to mouth sores and a difficulty with chewing. That’s why many of our patients visit Littlehampton Dental, because we can offer a more permanent and attractive solution.

Digital cosmetic dentistry

Our Digital Smile Design allows us to generate 2D and 3D images of your mouth. We can take photos, X-rays and make digital impressions. We then analyse the information and treatment begins towards getting your new smile.

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