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Preventative Dentistry Littlehampton

Preventative dentistry is the practice of maintaining oral health by following good oral hygiene habits. This can help to prevent dental problems from arising or developing, which can lead to dental health problems. 

One of the best measures to ensure strong and healthy teeth and gums is regular visits to a dental hygienist for a professional dental cleaning. Schedule your next cleaning ‘near me’ at a preventative dentistry clinic at Littlehampton Dental, open now.

Littlehampton Preventive Dentistry Services

Everyone wants healthy teeth and gums and poor oral health can lead to oral diseases and costly dental treatments. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular dental visits with a nearby preventative dental care hygienist at Littlehampton Dental,to ensure any oral health issues are addressed at the earliest sign.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any early signs of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity or gum disease due to enamel loss or plaque buildup, it’s time to see an oral health therapist for regular dental cleanings.

Early Signs Of Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

The early signs of gum disease and tooth decay are often subtle and may not be noticeable at first. By regularly seeing your dentist for care and upkeep, you can catch these potential issues before they progress into more serious dental treatment needs.

If you notice any of these oral health indicators, such as bleeding gums, red and swollen gums, receding gums, loose teeth, cavities, tooth sensitivity, loose fillings, or bad breath, it could be an indication of the earliest signs of gum disease or tooth decay.

Through preventive dentistry care measures, your dentist can address these concerns early on and help prevent the need for extensive dental treatment in the future. So, don’t ignore these warning signs and prioritize your oral health with preventative dentistry.

Preventative Dentistry Habits To Maintain At Home

Professional cleaning is an integral part of preventative dentistry and plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal dental health. However, it is equally important to develop and maintain good habits of oral hygiene at home between dental visits. By following these preventive dentistry tips and options recommended by Littlehampton Dental, you can ensure the long-term health and strength of your teeth until your next routine dental health visit.

Firstly, brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time, using a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste. Secondly, make it a habit to floss once a day to effectively remove plaque and food particles from between your teeth.

Additionally, be mindful of your diet and avoid sugary foods and drinks, as they can contribute to tooth decay. Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day, as it helps to keep your mouth moist and flush away food particles.

Lastly, use fluoride toothpaste approved by a preventative dentist, as fluoride strengthens your teeth and aids in the prevention of cavities. By incorporating these preventive dentistry practices into your daily routine, you can actively contribute to your oral health and reduce the likelihood of dental problems.

Is Preventative Dentistry Covered By Medicare?

At Littlehampton Dental, we acknowledge that Medicare does not typically cover the majority of dental care treatments. However, we strive to assist all our patients in managing their expenses by providing convenient payment plans through Afterpay and DentiCare. These plans allow you to divide the cost of your treatment into affordable installments without compromising your oral health.

We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive top-notch dental care, regardless of their financial circumstances. For this reason, we offer a range of payment options to ensure that our patients can access the necessary care with ease.

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